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    Strategic planning for winning acceptances, earning
    scholarships, and choosing the right college.

    We help you navigate the admissions maze and financial awards with confidence and ease.

    We work to design the pathway to your child's success and satisfaction.

    Where and how to apply to college, plus the steps before and after, can be confusing. Costly. Intimidating. But with expert guidance, you’ll develop a well-planned strategy—and then execute. Relief comes quickly. The power-position will be in your hands, not the colleges. You’ll feel confident you’re doing the right things, knowing better what you’re about to buy—COLLEGE.

    Get your child connected with admission counselors by using our templates and scripts!

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    Hans Hanson

    I live everyday helping student-families in the U.S. and around the world to create unique advantages for college admissions and scholarships. We find the right fit college for your child, with their right experience in mind.

    I can help your child distinguish themselves through the process. You can't be distinguishable if you're in with the pack; 9 of 10 students are in the pack. I can make your child standout.

    Let's face it, this is a tough process. It's far easier to run and hide from it...most people do. But one day, time arrives, reality sets it, and that's much worse. I don't let time pass by. But for you, it's ticking...let's talk! 

    Featured on...

    MSN, CNBC, Inc. 500, FOX Sports, Forbes, Fast Company

    Learn More About Hans

    “A fantastic experience from a very knowledgeable Hans Hanson! We are from So. Florida and communicate often with Hans. His experience is extremely valuable to us. He follows up, coaches us all, and is very positive and professional. We are so excited for our daughter to work with Hans on her future.”

    — Parent Nancy Prosser, daughter Olivia – USF

    “Hans has been incredibly helpful during and after the college process. He aided me in discovering what my passions were and made applying to colleges incredibly easy. He assisted me with lists of schools I should consider, guided me on how to network with admissions officers, and ultimately helped me decide to pick Washington University in St. Louis. Hans is incredibly passionate about what he does, and I could not ask for a better mentor.”

    — Will Hunter, Washington University


    Kick off the college process with a personalized game-plan and detailed play-book.

    We provide you with our best plays. Your job is to execute the plays—be the best QB. Your child’s job is to build their basket of knowledge, skills and abilities—be the best player. Together, we can win the SuperBowl.

    CollegeLogic helps you operate from a knowledge-based position, so you create your own advantages. CollegeLogic families get ahead early for winning later. Our resources give you the edge.

    Notepad and pencil

    Highly Structured Advising Plans

    • From two-hour sessions to long-term multi-year strategic plans
    • Covering specific topics such as Financial Aid or Writing the Admission Essay to broad plans that cover everything you need

    Must-Read Books and Blogs

    • Two books and two workbooks
    • Precise information and real knowledge—quickly and inexpensively
    Facebook page

    Informative College Clarity FB page

    • Everyone is welcome
    • Get your questions answered and learn things you didn’t even know you should ask

    “I honestly can say as a businessman for over 25 years I have found only a handful of people in my career who I can say I hired who actually did what was promised. Hans exceeded that promise and then went even further. If you are looking for a competitive advantage do not hesitate to hire Hans. His strategies are amazing and they work, plain and simple! If you want to hire the best college counselor around you've found him. Hans advised my daughter from the beginning, applying to 10 colleges, my daughter was accepted to 7 out of 10 schools, creating amazing options! Hans is still mentoring my daughter Morgan and has become a trusted advisor and friend! I highly recommend Hans to any college bound family!”

    — Parent Bill Mastrangelo, daughter Morgan, TCU

    “Hans was a great resource for me and my parents during the "college search process" in high school, following into college. He was a great communicator, and was a sense of relief during the crucial times of deciding where to further my education in college. He really helped me narrow down my choices of schools, and helped me realize what was most important to me, whether it was the academic program, community, size of the school, or distance from home. I would highly recommend Hans as a great career advisor, who gave me the confidence, and guidance I needed to make a clear decision on what college I wanted to attend. I am now graduated from college, have a great job, and enjoy all the happiness it brings me and my family!”

    — Casey Fitzharris, Marist College