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    Olivia P.

    Today, Olivia is a thriving student at the University of South Florida.

    Olivia came to me at the beginning of high school. We spent four years mapping out her course selections, working to understand her deep desires for college and discussing possible careers.

    The big challenge was to find the right college for Olivia. We had to consider cost, academic path, the experience, and her desired outcome. Olivia had to work harder than her friends if she was going to achieve her goals.

    Four years later, she began her college experience at USF with plans to become a veterinarian. The school is a perfect fit for her and she's a perfect fit for the school. And she received a full tuition scholarship award.

    Great Job, Olivia! You’ve achieved so much.

    Hetal P.

    Today, Hetal will be finishing college soon at USC, where she will complete both her Undergraduate and Master's degrees in four years.

    Hetal came to me while in 8th grade. She took the initiative. Why? Because she had big ambitions and even bigger dreams, and she knew her family didn't have the resources to help her reach them.

    During high school, Hetal founded a not-for-profit organization and created a blog about Environmental Studies. She was a high academic achiever and very involved in the college process. Ultimately, she was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to USC.

    Hetal and I worked hard together every step of the way—all through high school and also while she was in college with study plans and internships.

    Hetal will complete college as a highly honored USC graduate. She will move on to her first job in her chosen career, and won’t be saddled with college debt.

    Awesome job, Hetal!



    William de la C.

    Today, Will is a member of the NYPD.

    But seven years ago, he was a high school junior who wanted to go to college and play baseball. Big ambitions!

    Will comes from a very low-income family in NYC. He had little chance of living his dream.

    I met Will at an event in which I was speaking. And the rest is history. Will's passion, spirit, and enthusiasm drove me to take him on for no charge. We worked on applications, scholarships, financial aid, baseball recruiting, and choosing a major—Criminal Justice.

    Five years later, Will graduated John Jay College, having played 4 years of college baseball, earning his Criminal Justice degree, costing nothing and owing nothing.

    I am so proud of you, Will, and thrilled to have been part of your journey.

    James K.

    Today, James is deep into his studies at Columbia University.

    James came to me as a junior, president of his class, having strong academics, and being a global-minded visionary. James aspired to attend one of the top few colleges in the country. We set our sights on Columbia.

    The huge challenge is that they accept less than 1 of 10 applicants, and 8 of the 10 are qualified academically.

    We pursued a defined plan for connecting with their key decision-makers, expressing his passionate interests, building meaningful relationships and creating unique advantages in doing so.

    James rose to the level, embracing the constant challenge along the journey, and won their admission acceptance.

    Great job, James! You worked hard and made it happen.