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    Deadlines Approach Faster Than You Think

    Deadlines Approach Faster Than You Think

    "Deadlines are not finish lines."

    When it comes to creating quality options and seizing upon your opportunities, nobody wins by just barely beating a deadline. 

    Breaking News- life is a game of getting ahead early to improve the likelihood of winning in the end.

    In my racquetball games, the first points of the game are just as important as the last points. I can't wait until the end to make the effort that I needed to in the beginning if I expect to win.

    What happens when I get behind? Points become urgent and hard to come by then. Playing in a state of urgency is not a good platform for winning!

    That all makes common sense, but it's not practiced often enough. Rather, too many important things are left until they become urgent leading to predictable outcomes. 

    In the college process, now is the time of year when there are several important matters to take care of, such as writing application essays, planning college trips, building relations with admission counselors, preparing for SAT/ ACT's, and much more.

    For those who work on these items now, quality options await you ahead. For those who will put it all off until deadlines get near, undesired outcomes are predictable. It's just the way it works. 

    Let's be sure to get ahead early, stay ahead as the game goes on, and win in the end!

    Office # 203.470.3704

    The Secret to Achieving Personal Growth...

    The Secret to Achieving Personal Growth...

    "The secret to achieving personal growth during changing times is to focus your energy on building the new,

    not on fighting to keep the old."

    We've all heard too many times during the Covid-crisis- "I just wish that we could get back to normal."

    Breaking News- "Normal" is always in the present. There is never "getting back" to the way things were. Life doesn't work that way. 

    People get stuck holding on to "the way it was". Businesses get stuck holding on to business models that no longer work. Education gets stuck keeping classes that are no longer relevant. 

    And then they all wonder why things aren't working out; rarely considering that solutions rest within themselves and their own belief system.

    Why does it happen this way? Because "building the new" is much harder than holding on to the old. A simple example is with JC Penney's and Sears going out of business holding onto the old model while Amazon was building the new model.

    Someone is always "building the new" while most others are desperately holding on to the old. It's a surest platform for opportunity.

    Achieving personal growth comes from embracing the inevitability of change and building upon it. 

    Office # 203.470.3704

    Turning Dreams Into Reality

    Turning Dreams Into Reality

    Turning dreams into reality is no easy task. Rather, it requires intention, knowledge, and action.

    Do you really know what your child dream's of when thinking about college and their future ahead?

    Do you really know where their true passion lies?

    Let's face it, most parents don't know. Why not? Because parents don't often ask and when they do, the child doesn't typically trust the parent enough to share those intimate's safer for them to say some form of- "I don't know."

    That response quickly deflects the discussion. Parents willingly accept it. This is what I then hear.

    "My child doesn't know..." 

    Doesn't that really mean that the parent doesn't know?

    You can know if it's important enough to know.

    Here is my
    CollegeLogic 5-Step Approach. It may not work for you, but it works for me!

    # 1- Dream, what do they dream of doing...find out!

    # 2- Goals, set goals for achieving desired results.

    # 3- Learn, gain knowledge of the process.

    # 4- Plan, work from a knowledge-based plan.

    # 5- Act, take proper action to support the plan.

    There's nothing hard here, right? Your barrier is that you don't have someone directing the show. Without a well-directed "Action Plan", time goes by and dreams fade away...unnecessarily. 

    Mom and Dad, what's your dream for your child? Here at
    CollegeLogic, we turn dreams into reality.

    If you're a believer in dreams...let's talk!

    Overcome Resistance

    Overcome Resistance

     Resistance will crush your opportunity to grow into the person you want to be.

    Resistance comes in many forms. Some forms of resistance are good, such as resisting the temptation to over-indulge or resisting the temptation to quit.

    But that's not what I'm referring to here. Rather, I'm referring about the resistance to change, to embracing a new environment, to adapting new habits, to building new skills, and to learning new methods. We can easily find ourselves stuck in an old way, an old belief, or an old business model.

    Coming out of COVID, our resistance will leave us in the dust of others.

    If you're feeling stuck in personal resistance, then give this a shot.

    Dissatisfaction x Vision + Action -> Overcomes Resistance

    A quick analysis here. It all begins with some level of dissatisfaction. Then it requires having a vision. Without dissatisfaction, there's no need. Without vision, there's no where to go. The two working together though will create a multiplier effect driving you to take proper action.

    It seems simple, but if you give it purpose and intention, the tendency to resist will fade away giving energy to personal growth.

    If you need a boost to your conscious intention...
    If your 1-year plan needs more purpose...
    Office # 203.470.3704

    Are You Trusting College to Auto Pilot?!?

    Are You Trusting College to Auto Pilot?!?

    Putting College on Auto-Pilot will not get you to your desired destination.

    Parents of college seniors "can't believe it".
    College sophomore students "can't believe it".
    Parents of high school seniors "can't believe it".

    Where has the time gone? "Time flies" they all say. Deadlines are past. Decisions need to be made. Under family-duress, huge mistakes are made. College experiences and desired outcomes are compromised. To add insult to injury, a massive invoice arrives in your inbox...due in 30 days.

    It's all predictable. Why so? 

    Getting college right is not a defined science, but it is a defined process. College success cannot be put on auto-pilot. Rather, it takes 
    conscious intention. It begins early than you think, even before high school starts.

    With goals and ambitions come timelines and deadlines. Just getting in under a deadline is no strategy for success. The closer you move towards the end without making sustainable progress, the more conflict will arise within the family...guaranteed.

    With family goals comes a family plan. Absent of a defined plan, you're left with being 

    Really, do you want to pursue something as big as college, as costly as a house...reactively?

    Not us, rather, everything we do is done proactively. It's Stephen Covey's # 1 Habit of Highly Effective People...and I like to be effective, how about you?

    Let me just say this- you can't be effective in this process by being reactive. And you won't be effective by letting the time go by...and it's ticking along.

    What are people saying right now?

    "I can't believe it, it's just about March already."

    Then it will be summer; then 2022, 2023, and so on. 

    Ask yourself 3 questions-

    1. What's most important to me?
    2. What's my 5-year picture look like?
    3. What's my 1-year plan?
    If you need a boost to your conscious intention...
    If you'd like your 5-year picture to look clearer...
    Office # 203.470.3704