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    Free Yourself from the Stranglehood of College

    Free Yourself from the Stranglehood of College

    Fallacy: an error in reasoning that renders an argument invalid.

    The best work I can do is to free you of the college-stranglehold twisted by mistaken beliefs and common fallacies, perpetuated by colleges and spread by parents. 

    But to do so will cause you discomfort at first before you feel the freedom brought on by knowledge and logical reasoning.

    A classic example: Upon visiting colleges you will often hear them say- "You don't have to worry about college majors, we'll help you choose one." 

    Hearing this brings initial relief to the parents who come home to spread the good news...whew, we don't have to worry about college majors, they will figure it our for us!

    And that would be a fallacy. You see, if you buy into that line, then you are buying into the 5 1/2 year graduation plan they have for your child which comes at a steep price. But it makes perfect "uncomfortable sense." Once you apply logical reasoning to the discussion, you will surely see the necessity for planning college majors in advance and will feel a sense of relief as soon as you begin working on it. 

    Mom's and Dad's, the national average time it takes to graduate in a four-year degree is 5.8 years. The national average four-year graduation rate is 40%.  This is not by accident, rather it's by clear design of the college and allowed by the parents. It's up to you to change it. That thought may bring discomfort at first, but it will bring great relief in the end. 

    My message is- You can choose to know better for taking greater control of your outcomes!
    To save yourself from the stranglehold of college-


    CollegeLogic, GetCollegeRight
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    Uncomfortable Sense

    Uncomfortable Sense

    "He usually makes uncomfortable sense in a world where most folks would rather just hear what they're used to hearing, which is often not much of anything. Those who know him generally like him well enough, provided he keeps his thoughts mostly to himself. And when he does talk, it isn't that they stop liking him, rather, they are not quite so satisfied with themselves." - William Paul Young, author-The Shack 

    Mom's and Dad's, welcome to the world of college where my role is to make "sense" of it all for you, which in turn may make you uncomfortable...uncomfortable in the realization that you don't know enough about what you're about to buy

    Your choice will always be to follow the typical beliefs of the general public, as trained by the big and powerful college-machine, or, you can decide to know better for yourself.

    For example, Colleges readily state their "Job Placement Rate" to be 90% hoping that you believe it and become more willing to pay their exorbitant price. But if you stop and think about this, you will conclude that it's nothing more than Fake News! In fact, if you question how they track it, they will become uncomfortable knowing that they don't, that it's nothing more than a made-up number that sounds good. 

    When I discuss this with parents, they immediately become agitated and often want to defend the college. Why? Because they don't want to believe they've been duped into thinking something so ridiculous as a 90% Job Placement makes perfect "uncomfortable sense".

    Another example? Many colleges have become "Test Optional" making parents believe it's because those colleges don't see value any longer in SAT's/ ACT's...another fallacy of the typical parent-belief. "Test Optional" is a strategy of college designed to achieve two goals- lower the acceptance rate by increasing the number of applications making the college appear to be "more selective"; two, raise application fee income by increasing submitted applications. It's simple, it's brilliant, and it makes perfect "uncomfortable sense"!

    Enough said, would you like to better know what you're about to buy? If so, then schedule
    a free half-hour College Review & Strategy call with me on Zoom...and don't shy away from Uncomfortable Sense!

    It can't be any other way if you are to achieve your college goals.
    CollegeLogic, GetCollegeRight
    Office # 203.470.3704



    Your choice of words matter!
    Let's face it, not enough attention is paid to the words we use day-in and day-out. We don't often consider enough the effect placed on the words we choose where small changes can have a big impact. For example, in speaking with Admissions-
    • "Your acceptance is very important to me" is much preferred over saying "My acceptance...". Why? Because using "Your" rather than "My" makes them feel important and not wanting to disappoint you.
    • Asking "Why do you do this job?" personalizes the discussion, transitioning it from being all about "me" while showing interest in them.
    • "What is the maximum scholarship for which youcan offer?" is far more desirable than asking "What kind of scholarship can I get?"
    Engaging the Admissions Counselor in a personal discussion for making them feel important to you, goes a long way towards getting the outcomes that YOU want.

    College is no place to be careless in your communications.

    We can help your child perfect their meetings with decision-makers while on campus visits for building value in them.
    CollegeLogic, GetCollegeRight
    Office # 203.470.3704


    If You're Not Getting Ahead, Then You're Falling Behind

    If You're Not Getting Ahead, Then You're Falling Behind

    When it comes to the college game, YOU DON'T START THE GAME 0-0!

    When it comes to sports, board, and card games, you either start at the same point or at 0-0. Not so when it comes to the college game. Rather, the college game begins with them having a big advantage. Why so? It's their game to which they set the rules putting parents in a big hole from the beginning.

    Colleges own the relationships, the outcomes, and the power-position. If you don't take assertive action to reverse it, then they will win the game in the end, not you! 

    How do you take back the power-position?

    Follow our 5 Key-Word Approach:

    1. Match...colleges to your qualifications, interests, needs
    2. Connect...with the key decision-makers of the college
    3. Visit...the right colleges, meet the right people
    4. Personalize...your approach, build value in the student
    5. Understand...the big business of college and how it applies to your opportunity

    In short, that's our exclusive "Secret Sauce". Would you like to learn more about it? 

    Don't fall further behind. Level the playing field now.

    Book your free half-hour call with me 


    CollegeLogicGetCollegeRight- Office # 203.470.3704

    College is a Debt-Fueled Business

    College is a Debt-Fueled Business

    Colleges will protect their business model with greater determination than parents will protect their finances.

    This is what you're up against when contemplating college ahead for your children, and it doesn't get enough attention. Well, does this get your attention?

    • College is a $500B industry, with $300B of it financed.
    • Federal Student Debt now exceeds $1.5 Trillion.
    • Parent's College Loans exceeds $4.0 Trillion. 
    • Dozens of Colleges have Endowment Funds > $1B.
    • Over 50 colleges now cost $70,000+ per year.

    You don't think colleges are worried about you and your finances, do you? Do they seem worried when you come for a visit? Are they quick and helpful in protecting your interests for saving college costs? Not for a second!

    College is a debt-fueled business and parents across America are rushing to contribute. But not our parents, we all know better than to be sucked up into the massive Business-Machine known as College. 

    There are many things you can do to save on college costs.  With a simple click, we have 8 Top Reasons People Overpay for College described for you.

    And if you like that, then you'll love our book-

    Dissecting the Big Business of College.

    These are just a few ways we help families get college right. If you like it, then let's talk- book an appointment now. 



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