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    My 50 / 50 Rule for Getting Colleges Reopened

    My 50 / 50 Rule for Getting Colleges Reopened

    Colleges have BILLION$ at risk, along with their ongoing sustainability, riding on the decisions they make over the next several months. 

    Brown Univ. President Paxson just said- "Reopening colleges in the fall should be a national priority."

    I would've agreed had she said it was her top priority, but I disagree on it being a national priority.

    It's so consistent that colleges will always position their interests to sound like it's the public interests.

    But not so fast, big things have to change within the framework of the college business model before students can return safely and affordably to college. 

    This week in my College Clarity FB Group, I'll be rolling out my
    5 Step Action Plan for colleges to resume their business in the fall...join the Group.

    Step # 1- my 50 / 50 rule (3 parts)

    1- My rule calls for 50% of the students to study on campus in the fall while 50% remain at home for taking online classes. In the spring, it reverses. This rule provides every student with one semester on campus while studying online (off-campus) in the other semester.

    2- To go along with this, colleges must provide a 50% tuition-rate discount to students for the semester they spend off-campus studying online.

    Tuition rates must be frozen/ capped for five years not to exceed the 2019 school-year rate.

    International students will automatically default into the Spring semester for their on-campus studies. The necessary safety procedures for providing an isolation-style quarantine of students arriving from out-of-country will not be in place by August. 

    That's my Step 1 Action of the plan to get colleges running in the fall, reasonably and safely...stay tuned for the others!


    The Show, the Glamour, the Prestige...POOF

    The Show, the Glamour, the Prestige...POOF

    Twenty years of massive investments have been made by colleges to build fabulous sports facilities, luxury dorms, and gourmet cafeteria's all for the purpose of the "Show" showcase its campus beauty to prospective student-families upon their visits.

    It has served to create the "Illusion" of its grandeur, the "Glamour" of its presence, and the "Prestige" of its association. 

    Along the way, it succeeded in drawing families into the emotional-commitment of a financial decision over that of a rational-commitment to protect one's best interest.

    The colleges have become increasingly reliant on families willing to take on exorbitant debt to finance the college's investment strategy.

    POOF...the year 2020 will go down in history as the year that blew up the illusion and changed it all.

    Dorm rooms, cafeteria's, sports fields all sit empty now. Student-return rates will be vastly lower come the fall no matter if campuses are opened up or not, no matter how fancy the dorms and cafeteria are, and no matter how beautiful the sports facilities look.

    Those items will no longer be the driver to college decisions. Rather, the quality and delivery of affordable college education combined with creating real-world job opportunities will be what earns a family's trust and decision to attend a college.

    The complete transformation of this will take ten years. Many colleges will shutter, others will prosper. We'll see who's on top of their game as things change going forward. College for a 7th grader today will look much different than it has up until now...welcome to
    The Roaring 20's!


    Your outcomes reflect the energy you attract!


    Office # 203.470.3704

    The One Big Difference from a Year Ago

    The One Big Difference from a Year Ago

    Obviously, the world feels much different to us all now than ever before. But in sticking to college, this April feels totally different in one very definable way than all previous April's.

    I've spent past April's talking people off the bankruptcy-cliff from accepting inflated college costs and taking excessive loans. This year, no one is getting within 500 feet of the bankruptcy-cliff. This April has been a month so far of helping people make the right decision.

    Previous April's have been fraught with parent's emotional-obligations to please their child. Every April has been filled with- I'll do whatever I have to do to make this work. My child deserves it. 

    Not this year, I haven't heard that once. Rather, what I hear repeatedly is the new emotional-obligation to preserve their finances with- Let's look at options, we need to protect our interests"...   

    The harsh reality is that families are faced with considering their dream college, or returning to college, may no longer be affordable. Thank goodness for options and we have options for you.

    What's Worrying Colleges!

    What's Worrying Colleges!

    "I am thoroughly disgusted with the school." - Parent

    For three weeks, I have heard these parent comments made repeatedly, with their voices resounding in disgust.

    Comments from students of various high schools-
    "They are compromising my future."
    "My teachers are lame."
    "I've only had one live online class."
    "All I've received are assignments."
    (most common)

    Comments from parents of college students-
    "Just what did I pay for this semester?"
    "This is crazy
    (we know that)...what's next?"
    "I'm not paying the same in the fall."
    "We're considering our options."

    I posed this question- On a scale of 1-10, 10 being great, 1 is horrible, how would you rate your School's response?

    Here are the results-

    For College parents and students, the average score is 7.1 with no responses under 5.

    I can live with 7.1 for now. These are incredibly hard times for colleges. But they've responded fairly well. Their true test will come with the fall semester ahead. 

    Then I asked college parents one additional question- 1-10....

    What is your willingness to pay full tuition if your child is asked to stay home in the fall?
    The common reply- 1.

    What does this mean for colleges? It means they are very worried about their student-return rate. They are concerned about the number of Freshmen no-shows. They're scrambling to figure out a workable tuition-policy if their students can't return to campus in the fall.  

    What does this mean for you, parents of students?  It means you have an unprecedented opportunity.  For the first time, you have the Power over Colleges!  However, you must take advantage of this opportunity now.  It will NOT last.

    How can we be of service during this unprecedented time?

    As the owner and decision-maker at CollegeLogic, I have been putting in overtime to find these opportunities to take the power back from Colleges and currently putting together a select FB Group for families who are serious about taking action over the next few months. 

    I will be offering this at no cost, but in return, I will only be accepting solution-minded parents.  If you believe you fit the bill, then reach out and I will put you on the list of launch families!

    Most importantly I hope each of you is safe and keeping in good spirits!

    Hans Hanson

    High Schools did not score well. They may say the test is unfair, ha! Their score tallied 2.8. The most common response was 1.


    Your outcomes reflect the energy you attract!


    Parents, your goals are out of alignment with's time to realign

    Parents, your goals are out of alignment with's time to realign

    "Colleges are like cruise ships!" - David H., concerned parent

    I was lucky to get David, a busy parent of two, on a call last night for an enlightening discussion. I asked him a few questions.

    When will you next get on a train to NYC for work?
    "No time soon, we're adjusting to work at home."

    When will you next get on a plane? 

    "Not until there's a vaccine."

    Will you allow your son to get on a plane in August for a return to college?
    "Not likely!"

    How do you feel about paying full tuition for online classes this spring?
    "I don't like it at all?"

    How willing are you to pay full tuition in the fall if your son is told to stay home for online classes?
    "I'm not!"

    David then said- "Colleges are like cruise ships!"

    We all get exactly what that means, as do the colleges!

    So, what does it mean for you, the parents? It means the battle is on between you and the colleges. 

    The goals of both parents and colleges are out of alignment and have been for a long time. No blaming the colleges, rather, it's the parents who have allowed it. But now it's been exposed- a decade of increasing costs, crowded dorms, student loans, parent debt...ahhh, the big business of college hard at work.

    Colleges will desperately try to hold on to their golden-goose business model, a model driven by their desire to own the power-position over you

    I've discussed this for years, but it has often fallen on deaf ears. Why? Because parents have desperately held onto their illusion of what college is to them, but the 
    illusion has been pierced, if not crushed. 

    We're talking about piercing the 
    illusion of grandeur, the allure of college rankings and prestige, the inherent expectations and pressures, the boast of bumper stickers and FB posts, the bravado that goes with it all, and yes...the accompanying price tag that too many people have been long too willing to pay. 

    Parents are now asking about its worth and questioning if they really have to play along with any more? If you let loose of the 
    illusion, then you can regain the power-position.

    After all, when will you next board a cruise ship?

    We're all experiencing life in a new way forcing us to learn new abilities, adjust our patterns, adopt new mindsets, create alternatives, and foresee a new normal. 

    The golden-goose business model, described well here- Dissecting the Big Business of College (my book!) is tinkering and in need of its own correction.

    Colleges are uncertain-

    • they can host on-campus classes in the fall
    • they can fill a Freshmen class 
    • they have parents willing to continue paying their increasing costs
    • they can fill big stadiums any longer.

    That's a lot of uncertainty creating a lot of opportunities but only if parents will let go of the illusion.

    It's our task, duty, and responsibility to take back the power-position that should've always belonged to us. It once did, but the 2010's spelt the time that parents became all too willing to turn their power over to the colleges for the sake of the 

    This discussion will continue. Please look out for my upcoming FB Group and FB Live invitation.

    Coming soon will be the launch of my new 
    CollegeLogic Academy, where we will pursue real opportunity and leave the illusion to others.


    Your outcomes reflect the energy you attract!