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    Athlete-Families, this is your biggest mistake!

    Athlete-Families, this is your biggest mistake!


    Dreams can come true provided you avoid making the same repeated mistakes as those made before you!

    Everyone is familiar with the term- The Learning Curve.

    We learn from our prior mistakes and we have the opportunity to learn from other people's prior mistakes. And if we're entering uncharted territory, then we're on our own to navigate it.

    The interesting thing about the college process is that most families treat it as uncharted territory. And while it may be uncharted to them, it is not uncharted territory. In fact, it is territory that is navigated by several million families each year with many lessons to learn and big mistakes to avoid!

    In working with hundreds of athletes, we've identified 8 Common Mistakes that will derail your dreams of playing college sports. But for today, we are focusing on the one most common mistake of athlete-families. It is-
    • Athletes bypass the Admissions process in hopes that an interested college coach will take care of it for them, but the learning curve shows that rarely happens.
    All college students must go through Admissions. All athletes must go through Athletics, but they also must go through Admissions. The college process for athlete-families is a dual-path process. It is a most common and costly mistake of athlete-families to avoid and bypass the Admissions Office. 

    Your job as a parent of an athlete pursuing college sports is to schedule college visits with plans to meet both the college coach and the admission counselor who may decide upon your child's application acceptance and scholarship award. 

    We've created a 
    Student-athlete Portal designed to help you better navigate the college process. To get yours setup, click here and submit our 5-minute questionnaire.  
    Your portal includes-
    • Custom College Timeline
    • Sample College List
    • 3 Must-Ask Questions of Coaches and Admissions
    • College Review & Strategy Call
    • Key to unlocking the Gate to College Success 
    Your Portal puts YOU in control!

    Get Your Free College Portal Started

    Hans & Jeff
    CollegeLogic, CollegeLogic Sports
    Office #'s 203.470.3704, 281-967-9163

    You Want Success? Then Finish the Sentence...

    You Want Success? Then Finish the Sentence...


    The time-lapse for change, what use to take 20 - 30 years, now occurs in a mere 2 - 3 years.

    As 2020 lurks on the horizon, most people struggle to keep up with the times. Why so? Because change occurs much faster now than ever before. Trends, things, and our way of life can transition in many ways in a matter of a few years. 

    This means that if you don't stay up with the changing times, then you quickly fall behind. Brands, images, products, services, achievements can all get old or wear off in a matter of months. We awake each day to this ongoing reality!

    I often ask people to complete this sentence, so please do.

    To succeed in today's times...

    I would like to hear your responses. Here's mine-

    To succeed in today's times, your mind needs to progress at a speed faster than the speed of changing times. 
    This is my way of saying that it's everyone's job to get ahead in the game for winning at the end. It's our everyday work here!
    To see and learn how you can get ahead in the college game- win admissions, earn scholarships, save college costs, and for athletes, play college sports, click through below. 

    Get Your Free College Portal Started Now
    Parents of Students      Parents of Athletes
    Gain access to your College Timeline and much more!

    Win, Earn, Save, & Play
    CollegeLogic, CollegeLogic Sports
    Office # 203.470.3704

    H.S. Athletes, avoid the BIG X

    H.S. Athletes, avoid the BIG X


    "I see ill-prepared families come in every day to meet with me... they leave me shaking my head!"

    These are the exact words of a prominent DI College Coach during a recent discussion with me. 

    His point is very clear. It doesn't need further explanation. I've heard the same comment from dozens of college coaches.

    This coach went on to say-
    "People leave my office thinking they had a good visit, when in fact I put a big X right through their name."

    He added-
    "Athlete-families arrive with nothing to offer, ask a few basic questions, and leave without having any idea of our interest or recruiting agenda. Yet, they want me to recruit their kid."
    CollegeLogic Sports athlete-families arrive well-prepared having done their homework, having "Must-Ask Questions" in hand, and being ready to learn of their real opportunity.
    If you want to arrive prepared and avoid the big X, then

    Fill out our simple questionnaire
    And receive your custom college timeline!
    CollegeLogic, CollegeLogic Sports
    Office # 203.470.3704

    A Surprising Opportunity from Early Failure of Athlete-Families

    A Surprising Opportunity from Early Failure of Athlete-Families


    Athletes find out failure at a much earlier time in the college process, thus creating a much earlier opportunity!

    Here's what you believe is the right college recruiting path-

    Spend thousands on travel teams + attend several showcase events + register for college camps => necessary exposure 

    Exposure => interest of college coaches

    Interest of college coaches => college sports opportunity!

    That path fails tens of thousands of unsuspecting athlete-families every year. The learning curve just doesn't set in for those families. But for you, the early realization that it doesn't work creates your early opportunity to adjust, here's how.

    Let's begin with acknowledging that the last part of that path is right, that interest of college coaches leads directly to real college sports opportunity. In fact, it's the only way it works. But you get there differently than you might initially believe.

    Interest of college coaches begins with meeting athletes during college visits and gaining interest in them at that time. That interest gets leveraged into a personal evaluation from the interested coach. An "evaluation" occurs when the coach attends an event of the athlete with the express purpose to watch and evaluate the athlete.

    Evaluations are planned events of the athlete-family and college coach. They occur at practices, games, showcases, and college camps. They are available to every athlete who wishes to make the extra effort to personally connect with college coaches. This is the key to significantly improving your odds of playing college sports.   

    This is the learning lesson and opportunity you get from the early realization that the typical path of most athlete-families doesn't work.
    If you have the game for college and want to create your early opportunity by connecting with college coaches,  then

    let's get started.
    CollegeLogic, CollegeLogic Sports
    Office # 203.470.3704

    The Greatest Halftime Speech

    The Greatest Halftime Speech


    Few times in life do you get a second chance to get it right the first time... 

    and college is no exception! 

    2 minutes, from the Netflix original film- Paddleton

    If you could just go back in time and do it all over again...imagine what you might do differently.
    Well, the time is now, the game is on and you don't have to go back, you can play it forward right now. 
    If you're game enough to play it forward,
    then submit this quick family-questionnaire.

    Parents of Athletes

    Parents of Students
    CollegeLogic, CollegeLogic Sports
    Office # 203.470.3704