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    College Rankings, what is their significance?

    Here is an interesting article from The Daily Pennsylvanian-

    There are 7 categories, 16 items of criteria, used to compile the rankings.

    25% of the college ranking comes from the "6 Year Graduation Rate", that's 6, not 4! 15% comes from "Peer review". 10% comes from "spending per student". 8% comes "Board scores of incoming freshmen". 8% comes from "Class size". 7% comes from "Faculty pay", and so forth down the line.

    In examining all the criteria, I don't see anything pertaining to jobs, internships, research opportunity, study abroad opportunity, overall student satisfaction. Perhaps it's time to revamp the ratings.

    Student Loan Debt

    The student loan debt exceeds $1 trillion and that doesn't include the parents portion. This is the amount students borrow from the Federal Government through the Stafford Loan, which caps out at $31,000 per student. So, is this a crisis or not? It is the second largest consumer debt, second only to mortgages, in America. But I don't think it's fair to compare it to mortgages, as those are held through banks and accordingly, people can walk away from it through foreclosures. Not so with students, they can't walk away from it so easy.

    Here is a quality NY Times article addressing the issue-

    College Admissions

    Typically, students submit random applications without being known to the admission office counselors. That lends to disappointing results, receiving fewer acceptances and lesser scholarships.

    Whereas admissions is a human decision, not a computer decision, admission offices give preferred treatment to those applicants for whom they know, resulting in more acceptances and bigger scholarships.

    You create your advantage by becoming known to admission offices long before applications are submitted...seems logical to me.
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