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    2020, a look back and a look ahead!

    2020, a look back and a look ahead!

    The hope, wait, and wish strategy from 10 years ago that didn't work then, still doesn't work now.

    While 2020 will be remembered for much more than it's effect on colleges and student-families, it's impact on the world of college has been extreme.

    It all began in mid-March with an immediate shutdown of colleges country-wide, sending students home to continue their spring semester online.

    At that moment, online studies made their entry point and are now here to stay. There should never be another "snow day" in schools at any level.

    However, parents found the student-experience to be much compromised and not worthy of its cost. They also found the colleges unwilling to respond with appropriate financial considerations.

    Students and parents became disenchanted with online studies and frustrated with colleges offering little or no live classroom activity; yet families paid the college bill in full.

    Students are distraught over their loss of a college social environment, an element of great value to college students. These sentiments will roll forward into the new year.  

    People have begun to question the value and necessity of college. In response, colleges have claimed the value of their "Certificate" was still worthy of its cost. This tug-of-war is just beginning.

    As we sit here today, college enrollment is down substantially, perhaps a million students worth. College finances are strained. Family finances are strained. College graduates remain unemployed at a rate higher than you would believe...50% maybe?

    Over 150,000 college professors and administrators have lost their job. Courses have been cut and programs shuttered. Hundreds of colleges are on the brink of financial disaster.

    FAFSA Applications are down 20% from a year ago indicating a further decline in student attendance ahead, causing great concern to college officials. 

    Through it all, elite colleges will continue to increase their cost, having ample demand for their "Certificate" from the top 1% wage earners. Mid-level colleges will face extreme pricing pressure to go with a lower demand. Lower-level colleges will face serious sustainability pressures.

    Top DI colleges, including several having endowment funds in the billions (Stanford, Brown) quickly went to work cutting sports from their programs. All told, 50,000 athletes and 5,000 coaches were trimmed. However, it did not trickle down into DIII. As such, college sports will survive!

    What we've learned even if we've always known-

    It's more important than ever to pick the right college, for the right reasons, and at the right cost.

    It's more important than ever to plan for an on time, meaningful degree while building worthy credentials. 

    It's more important than ever to prioritize items of importance before they become urgent.

    It's more important than ever to be involved and engaged in taking ownership of your outcome.

    It's more important than ever to be distinguishable, to be the one of ten and not to be in the group of nine.

    Looking ahead-

    1. Don't expect students to be rushed back to campus for the spring semester. With the financial hook already set from the fall semester, college officials don't want to deal with testing, quarantining, suspending, and restricting of students. They didn't in the fall either, but they wanted the money. Now, they only risk losing room and board, for which they were reimbursed last spring in the initial Covid-relief package...Texas A&M- $39M, Harvard- $10M!

    2. Opportunities for those student-families who get it right are abundant with great jobs and big pay. With new and emerging high-salaried jobs open for qualified young professionals, the future is bright for those who do it right.
    3. College will begin to be more accessible and affordable to mainstream America as is very necessary. It will result from the restructuring/ streamlining of college curriculums with intention to shorten the time and lessen the cost of a degree.  

    4. College-aspiring athletes will be rewarded for being proactively involved in connecting with college coaches. Just like ten years ago. the path to being recruited is to build relationships with college coaches beyond casual emails. This is the athlete's opportunity of which they have clear control over.

    For years, colleges have done a bad job of preparing their students for getting a desired job and qualifying them to receive desired pay. This will have to change now as a result of the Covid-College year that's behind us. Colleges have invested mightily in student-appeal over the past twenty years. Their opportunity ahead will be based upon investing in employment-appeal.

    Parents are becoming more reluctant to pay for "Certification Value" and will be more inclined to pay for achieving desired outcomes, such as a job!

    On that note, I'm wishing everyone here a joyous and prosperous
    New Year 2021 in the spirit of life success and satisfaction. Thank you for being a CollegeLogic friend and supporter.

    I appreciate each and everyone of you! 

    The Surest Way to Blow $60,000

    The Surest Way to Blow $60,000

    Successful outcomes don't just fall into our laps. Rather, they result from effective planning. 


    The national average time it takes to receive a 4-year degree exceeds 5 years. The national average percentage of incoming freshmen to graduate in four years is under 40%.

    These figures are long standing and they're not by accident. Why not?

    Because there is not enough advance planning taking place within families across America.  

    Therefore, the surest and most predictable way to blow $60,000 is to needlessly spend an extra year or two in college...who budgets for that?  

    College students who graduate with a meaningful degree in 4 years require considerably more advance thought and planning than most families will do if left on their own. 

    I've heard hundreds of times, maybe thousands-

    "My child doesn't have any idea..." that good enough for you to be willing to spend an extra $60,000 on college costs? Or, is saving $60,000 worth the effort to change that likely outcome?

    CollegeLogic students graduate in 4 years with meaningful's our plan!

    Office # 203.470.3704

    LTE, a Difference Maker in Admissions

    LTE, a Difference Maker in Admissions

    A family's awareness of the college Enrollment Management plan is important to winning acceptances and maximizing scholarship potential. 


    Here's the scenario playing out right now in most college admission offices. Using 30% as the enrollment rate for our example college, if Counselor A gets a 40% enrollment rate from its pool of accepted-students while Counselor Z gets a 20% enrollment rate, A gets promoted while Z gets fired. 

    With this being the case, if you were an admissions counselor, what would you be looking for in your assigned pool of applicants? LTE!

    For job-protection purposes, admission counselors will often make the admission/ scholarship decision based on the applicant's Likelihood-To-Enroll.

    Deeply embedded in the 
    CollegeLogic Approach is our plan to enhance our student's LTE in the minds of admission counselors. In doing so, we win a far higher rate of admission acceptances and earn significantly larger scholarships.

    You might be wondering what scholarships have to do with LTE, as few people outside of 
    CollegeLogic make that connection.

    Knowing that admission counselor's compensation and promotion opportunity is directly tied to their enrollment rate, with the scholarship award being the only tool they have for increasing the applicant's LTE, we know to hold off making a deposit until we feel that we've maximized our scholarship potential.

    It's our brief moment of having leverage, which is key to maximizing awards. It's the value of LTE.
    If saving thousands on college cost or saving your retirement is important to you, then plan to join us for next Wednesday's webinar-

         Saving Tens of Thousands on College Costs

    with special guest Lawrence Sprung- Mitlin Financial.

    Let's face it, we're up against the massive business machine of colleges. To protect our financial interests, we have to know better how to work the college system. I'll show you!

    Join us next Wednesday night, Dec. 9th, 7:00 EDT-

      Save the Family Bank, register here!

    Office # 203.470.3704

    Show up Like a Pro

    Show up Like a Pro

    "You can't talk your way out of what you behaved your way into."-
    Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

    We all know of bad behaviors that were intended... where consequences reflected the bad behavior.

    But not all behaviors are intended, such as coming on a Zoom call ill-prepared and looking like a rookie. That's an unintended behavior that compromises your intended message...there's a consequence to that. It lessens your brilliant intentions.  

    The same applies to recording videos, presenting to live audiences, or online interviews. If you want to come across as a pro, then you have to get it right. If it's not worth your time or effort to get it right, then you're a faker.

    You see, you can fake out yourself, but you can't fake out others...not when it comes to this.

    Success in the 2020's will largely depend on how we adapt to the changing times. If we don't adapt, then we fade away and become irrelevant.

    I plan to be relevant for a long time. I teach, coach, and mentor young people, teenagers and college students, to be relevant. We work hard together for each to standout in a world in which most people settle for just being in the crowd.

    NYU Professor Scott Galloway refers to that as being "unremarkable".

    If you or your child wants to stand out, then here's where you begin. Meet the fabulous Kerry Barrett, long-time NYC News Anchor

    Kerry will be my guest on Oct. 22nd, 7:00 pm EDT, on Zoom where she will share with you her great insight for shining in front of a camera and audience, that includes Zoom!

    Remarkable? Standout? Look like a Pro? 

    Here's your chance- REGISTER HERE,  set aside just one hour next Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 7:00 EDT. 

    And join our College Clarity FB Group for CL-intel.

    Stand Out from the Others

    Stand Out from the Others

    To be selected for anything important, like college acceptances or jobs, will always be decided upon the factors differentiating one from the others.

    One of my fabulous students, Alice, met this week with her Admission Counselor from her top choice collegeDartmouth. Yes, Dartmouth College with their 8% acceptance rate...that's 1 in 12 applicants.
    Their Admission Office told me long ago- 
    "80% of applicants meet the academic requirements. Our challenge is to find the one standout in a situation where everyone thinks they standout...when really they are just like everyone else."

    Alice set forth a plan to standout. First, she had to present herself well on Zoom. A lot goes into that, but she's well-trained and ready. Then, when everyone else just sits back and answers the same questions, not Alice. Rather, Alice had her list of questions, not just the typical ones either, but the right ones.

    To standout, she had to take a different approach... ask the questions that others don't ask.

    - How has Covid 19 effected you and your family?
    - How have you met enrollment goals for this year?
    - What's your biggest challenge right now?
    - What was your major, would you do it again?
    - How do you see college looking in 5 years?

    This style of questioning allows the other person to speak about themselves, making them feel important. It extends the call. It builds upon the relationship. It greatly improves her odds of acceptance.  

    Three things go into this outcome.

    1. Having the credentials...Alice does!
    2. Presenting well on Zoom...Alice did!
    3. Make the person feel important...Alice did!

    Do you want your child to be the 1 to standout? Or, is being like everyone else okay with you?

    If you want your child to standout, meet the fabulous Kerry Barrett, long-time NYC News Anchor and my guest on Oct. 22nd, 7:00 pm EDT. Kerry will share with you her secrets for shining in front of a camera and audience, that includes Zoom! 

    Register here,  Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 7:00 EDT. 

    Join our College Clarity FB Group for CollegeLogic-Intel.



    Office # 203.470.3704,