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    Distinguishing Yourself Amongst the Competition

    Distinguishing Yourself Amongst the Competition

    "Do something to distinguish yourself in Admissions. Make a simple introductory video."

    Last week we talked about building a relationship with the Admissions Office Counselor by sending an introductory email and making a phone call.

    CollegeLogic students add a personal video link into their emails. Doing so is your immediate way to establish yourself as a serious applicant. And it's much easier than you think. All you have to do is follow the 6 steps listed here.

    1. Begin with an introduction- Hi, my name is _______, a 20__ grad of _____high school here in ___, __. I have a ___ GPA and SAT/ ACT scores of _____.
    2. Follow that with a statement about your vision- When I look ahead to the next 5 years, I see ...
    3. Identify the challenges and concerns- With that comes a concern I have for ...
    4. Identify the opportunities- But with that come great opportunities for ...
    5. Explain your college plan- Therefore, my plan for college is to study a combination of ...
    6. Finish with a simple- Thank you.  

    This introductory video should last 45 seconds and you can record it using your cell phone. Once you are satisfied with the recording, download it into a YouTube video link for embedding into your emails.

    Some people might think a video is just for athletes. That would be a fallacy! It is for everyone who is interested in establishing unique advantages for admissions and scholarships.

    Most students find this to be a big challenge. But once you begin, they will find it easier than they thought. 

    To form a strategic plan for winning admissions and earning scholarships, visitCollegeLogic and request a free 30 minute college review/ strategy call.

    Founder CollegeLogic
    Office # 203.470.3704

    Top Jobs Not Requiring Graduate Degree

    Top Jobs Not Requiring Graduate Degree

    "If your college end game goal is to get a top quality job, then here is proof that you don't have to go to graduate school."

    50 top paying jobs that don't require a graduate degree.

    If getting a job is your goal, then we can help make sure that you align your college studies with desired job interests. It's a definite game-hanger and potential life-saver. 
    To correlate college studies with job opportunities, visit CollegeLogic and request a free 30 minute college review/ strategy call.

    College Visits, Don't Just Show Up!

    College Visits, Don't Just Show Up!

    "It's time to plan college visits and meeting with Admissions. Don't just show up."

    Last week we talked about what's important. One item of top importance is building a relationship with the Admissions Office and their counselor assigned to your geographical region. It all begins with an email and a phone call.

    The email is simple. it's a personal introduction of the student with an expression made reflecting serious interest. Attach your profile-sheet along with an embedded video link of your personal introduction and you will begin to build interest in you as a prospective applicant. We will discuss the video link in next weeks article.

    Then comes a 5-10 minute phone call which begins,
    "Thank you for taking my call. I have a few questions for you. Do you have ten minutes for me?"

    Then proceed with 5 must-ask questions.

    1. I am a resident of ____; how does that affect my admissions?
    2. My GPA is ____ and my SAT/ ACT scores are ______; how does that position me for an acceptance and scholarship?
    3. What else can I do to improve or strengthen by application?
    4. What is the advantage to applying Early Action? Early Decision?
    5. Will you be traveling to my high school area? 

    There are additional questions to ask upon making your visits, one of major importance is-
    "What is the scholarship range you have authority to give and what does it take to get the highest amount?"

    Most families find it much easier to just show up and register for tours, which is good for seeing the school. But it's not good enough for knowing how their policies apply to your personal situation.  

    To have a strategy for winning preferred admissions and earning maximum scholarships, visit CollegeLogic and request a free 30 minute college review/ strategy call.
    Founder CollegeLogic
    Office # 203.470.3704

    Important versus Urgent

    Important versus Urgent

    "Everyone starts off motivated to achieve their high priority goals,  but most default to crisis mode."

    Planning for the Important, is described as being:
    - Results oriented
    - Opportunity focused
    - Mission driven
    - Values supported
    - Problem avoidance
    - High priority goals motivated

    Reacting in the Urgent, is described as being:
    - Deadline oriented
    - Problem focused
    - Obstacle driven
    - Values disrupting
    - Opportunity forgotten
    - Crisis motivated

    The CollegeLogic philosophy and programming is all directed towards what's important, so what is important?

    1. Admissions, strategizing the application process

    2. Scholarships, managing college costs

    3. College studies, planning for job opportunities

    4. Athletic recruiting, playing college sports 

    Most parents with high school children prefer to direct their activities and thoughts to what's important. But too many default to operating in the urgent moment. This often leads to unintended consequences. 

    To work towards achieving your high priority goals and avoiding the crisis mode, visit CollegeLogic and request a free 30 minute college review/ strategy call.

    Founder CollegeLogic
    Office # 203.470.3704 or not cool? or not cool?

    "If you want to fly low, then stealth is for you." 

    Although it might sound cool to be stealth, but being a Stealth Applicant is not cool. It will cost you big scholarship dollars and you will lose admission acceptances. It's that simple, that important, yet that elusive.

    "Stealth Applicant" is the tag an unknown student gets when their application comes across the desk of the admission counselor.
    Stealth applicants receive the-

    1. lowest level of consideration
    2. lowest rate of acceptance
    3. lowest scholarship awards

    If you want to fly low, then "Stealth Applicant" is for you. However, it's not for us!
    CollegeLogic applicants fly high. How so? By becoming well-known to the college admissions office long in advance of submitting applications.

    To learn how to become well-known in Admissions, download and read our free eBook-
    How to Create a Personal Marketing Package.

    Summer is the time to learn how to fly high. Now that's very cool!

    Founder CollegeLogic
    Office # 203.470.3704